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"Abriendo brecha", Julian Vadillo, editorial Volapuk

 A day, I’m disappearing without seeing you. They know where you’re, in every action which the human being vindicates their dignity. Someone said to me you were the Federica Montseny’ mother and that your political implication was high.
 Hello, someone is argued about Woman Suffrage, what do you think about this circumstance?
Oh, yes, maybe you can say that I don’t support women suffrage but my bigger concern at this moment, would be obtain the women’s emancipation in every order of their lives. I feel that this situation would be better that perhaps this suffrage that would be manipulate though different elite.
100 years later, some politicians were manipulating these kind of answer that someone of these women translates; as we can assume they would never explain these nuances. Those people are working about our own time where our reality is being changed every day to.
Oh, this morning a minister will come in to our conversation about the rent strike. I think that his topic would be about University but we need that he spends his time about the problem of the houses. We couldn’t understand that someone would be closed in his bench of deputy.
“Blanca”was a revue that she supported in her last years, where she took a more discrete position but always active. The historian Julian Vadillo explained the last Tuesday his new book “Abriendo brecha” (opening gaps) about those women that in the late nineteenth and early twentieth helped our society take conscience about their poor freedom and the tyranny of the power.
I’ve taken some of his ideas to write a small particular interpretation of those moments.

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